Our mission is to let our military personnel know, that they are not forgotten.  

We have gathered together 8 years now, and have mailed over 2,105 packages to our heroes serving our country over seas. We have paid over  $29,292.00 in postage - 

All of of this has been possible through the the wonderful donations we have received over the past years AND, especially because of the fantastic volunteers we have that show up each month to partake in this meaningful project !

Latest News

Octobers Mailing - 2015 - 10/7/2015

Quick reminder that our next mailing will be held on October 20th. Meeting at the BRC Club at 6:00 p.m.
We're in need for food goodies to mail, as we used everything up in the last months mailing.
Also please remember that we have lots, and lots of Holidays coming up - so let's get some decorations and fun things to mail, so that their living quarters can be decorated.
Always in need of names and addresses !! So please ask around and share with me any information that you ...may receive.
Veterans day is November 11th - letters and cards would be great to send.
November and Decembers mailing will be held at the TRN club....dates to be forwarded at a later date.
Always open for questions and/or suggestions.......
Thanks everyone

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Next Event

What: December Mailing

When: 12/15/2015 6:00:00 PM til 6:00 PM

The December mailing will be at the TRN Club - thinking we should have a pot luck dinner.........??!!

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Hero Mail

Here we've published some of the letters that we've received from our troops abroad. These Heroes serving abroad are the reason why we do this. With permission we've republished them here.

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